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We carry an extensive range of product and most items are dispatched within 24 hours of receiving your order.

Occasionally, an item is out of stock and we have to wait for new stocks to arrive. In extreme circumstances items can be unavailable from our distributors or the manufacturers, which can delay an item for an indefinite time. In the unlikely event of this happening, you will receive notification of this problem. We are unable to give any idea of the likely reason for the delay, as it is completely beyond our control.

It is our policy to process and dispatch your orders as quickly as possible as we aim to provide the best possible service. We order from various suppliers on a daily basis and are reliant on them to supply us in a timely fashion.

Special Order Titles

Out of the hundreds of thousands of titles which have been released, there are a growing number which are not readily available from our regular suppliers and have to be ordered from alternative/specialist suppliers or direct from the manufacturers. This generally applies to older releases or where there were limited production runs. This includes (but is not limited to) any item which is marked "Call for Price". We will locate the item from a specialist supplier or the manufacturer and you will be charged at that time so that we can order it on your behalf. As this could be coming from anywhere in the United States, please be aware that there could be a delay between processing and shipping your order while the item is in transit to us. We will despatch the item as soon as we receive it and the normal shipping times will apply from when it is shipped.

Used Blu-ray Titles

We guarantee that Used Blu-ray titles are clean and playable (we may re-box them) and contain the main feature disc. We do not guarantee that will have slipcovers, contain any bonus or supplemental discs and they will usually not contain digital copies (as these require a registration code which can only be used once).

We are finding that our customers are very happy with the savings when buying used Blu-ray titles. These discs are purchased from various suppliers all over the United States and this in some cases can affect the time between processing and shipping your order. Please be patient if your order does not ship immediately. The good news is that in many cases we are able to supply a brand new disc at the used price.

Any orders placed after our last shipping time on Friday and during the weekend will not be dispatched until Monday at the earliest.