Tom Holland and Zendaya seemingly perform a high-flying stunt for upcoming MCU sequel Spider-Man 3

Tom Holland and Zendaya seemingly perform a high-flying stunt for upcoming MCU sequel Spider-Man 3.

Production on the upcoming MCU sequel, Spider-Man 3, is now well underway, with principal photography currently taking place in Atlanta. While we have yet to see much from the movie so far. A video from the set shows that Spidey will back to his old tricks of leaping off tall structures. And this time with love-interest MJ in tow.

While the figures are very far away in the distance, the actions are unmistakably Spider-Man, as returning stars Tom Holland and Zendaya Colemanperform a high-flying stunt. Suspended in the air using wires, two figures that can only be none other than Spider-Man and MJ leap off a blue screen ledge as the camera follows them to the ground, filming them for part of what is sure to be another heart-stopping web-slinging sequence.

Following a series of delays due to the ongoing global situation, production on Spider-Man 3 officially began earlier this month, with Tom Holland recently arriving in Atlanta to begin filming. “We just landed in Atlanta. And uh…it’s time for Spider-Man 3. Let’s go!” the actor said via social media. The actor has also since revealed that he has had the pleasure of reading the script for the movie, promising not to live up to his infamous reputation of spoiling things. I’m not going to tell you anything about it because I’ve learned my lesson. I’m gonna read this now, and I can’t wait,” he said.

We, the fans, have yet to learn much about Spider-Man 3. And everything that has been revealed has only resulted in further questions. It was recently revealed that Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange is being folded into proceedings. With the character set to take on the mentor role previously held by Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man. While that may not be too surprising an addition. We also learnt that Jamie Foxx will reprise his role as the villain Electro. A role that he previously played in the completely separate The Amazing Spider-Man 2 back in 2014. Since then, fans have been left scratching their heads as to what this can all mean.

Jacob Batalon, who will be returning as Peter Parker’s best friend Ned, has shared his excitement over working with an actor of Foxx’s calibre. “I’m a huge fan of Jamie Foxx. Like, literally, I grew up watching his things so being able to work with all these influential people in these movies has been like a godsend,” he said following the announcement of Foxx’s involvement. “I truly can’t believe … it’s really because of Spider-Man that I get to meet all my heroes. Just having Jamie Foxx, he’s so prolific, he’s this very diverse … he can just do everything. It’s so awesome to really just know that he’s in our project. That’s so awesome.”

With the Doctor Strange sequel set to follow the Master of the Mystic Arts tackling the multiverse. Many have speculated that Spider-Man 3 will follow a similar path, and that the sequel will introduce the live action Spider-Verse, ultimately leading to all kinds of comic book craziness.

Unfortunately, it will be some time before we see how all the pieces fit together. Originally, Spider-Man 3 was set for a release date of July 16, 2021, as part of the much-anticipated Phase 4 of the MCU. Due to the ongoing global circumstances, the entire Phase has now been dramatically reshuffled with Spider-Man 3 now scheduled to swing into UK and US cinemas on December 17, 2021. This comes to us from Twitter user @chrjstopherpine.

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