Chris Columbus says a script for Gremlins 3 exists and that he would use minimal CGI

Chris Columbus says a script for Gremlins 3 exists and that he would use minimal CGI, opting for practical puppets.

There is still no official word on whether or not Gremlins 3 will ever happen. However, original writer Chris Columbus has offered a somewhat encouraging update on the proposed sequel, which has been kicking around for years now. According to Columbus, his script is written and they are just trying to figure out when to make it, in addition to navigating some rights issues. Should it come to pass, Columbus says that they will use practical puppets and minimal CGI.

Chris Columbus wrote the original Gremlins, which was directed by Joe Dante. But Columbus has been actively trying to get Gremlins 3 off the ground for some time now. While promoting his latest movie, The Christmas Chronicles 2, the filmmaker was asked about the status of the sequel. Here’s what he had to say about it.

“I would love to do it. I wrote a script, so there is an existing script. We’re working out some rights issues right now, so we’re just trying to figure out when the best time to make that film would be. I would still do it the same way, I would do it as tangible puppets, not CGI. Maybe having, you know we had one stop-motion scene in the first Gremlins, but I don’t think I’d use much CGI in Gremlins 3.”

Whether or not Chris Columbus would wind up in the director’s chair remains to be seen. But this is reasonably encouraging. It implies that he is having discussions with the studio about it. And that makes sense. Warner Bros. is currently producing a Gremlins animated series titled Secrets of the Mogwai for HBO Max. So there is clearly interest in the property. But doing a full-on sequel with lots of practical puppetry gets expensive and complicated.

Plot details for the sequel remain largely under wraps. At least for the version that might get made. We’ve heard about various versions of the project over the years. Chris Columbus had previously teased a “dark” and “twisted” version a few years back. We also, more recently, heard from Carl Ellsworth about a draft of the movie that he wrote, which was being thought of as a direct sequel to the original that would have been a “passing-the-baton story.” There is no telling what is contained within the draft that Columbus is interested in making.

For what it’s worth, original star Zach Galligan has repeatedly expressed interest to return. The actor started a Twitter campaign to try and get Gremlins 3 made back in 2018. It proved unsuccessful at the time. But the conversation is still happening and people are actively trying to make it happen. With studios in need of content that can attract viewers, or in the case of HBO Max, subscribers, there may yet be a way to get the sequel made. We are getting The Snyder Cut next year after all, so anything is possible. We’ll be sure to keep you posted as any further details are made available. This news comes to us via Collider.

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