Bigfoot Hunting Season Might Become a Real Thing

Oklahoma Republican Representative Justin Humphrey has proposed a new bill that would make hunting Bigfoot legal.

Bigfoot hunting season might become a reality this year. Oklahoma Republican Representative Justin Humphrey has proposed a new bill that would make hunting Bigfoot legal in the state, which has a lot of Bigfoot sightings every year. However, there will be some laws attached to this new form of hunting. The bill would direct the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Division to establish an annual season, making it a requirement to carry a hunting licenses and pay applicable fees. Humphrey has said that he does not want the ape-like creature to be killed if caught.

If anyone is able to successfully trap Bigfoot, they will be awarded $25,000. This could be a problem because a lot of people don’t believe Bigfoot, aka Sasquatch is real. “A lot of people don’t believe in Bigfoot, but a lot of people do,” Justin Humphrey said. “Just like some people like to go deer hunting, while some don’t”. Humphrey’s district consists of parts of Atoka, Bryan, Choctaw, and Pushmataha Counties in southeast Oklahoma. The idea is to get more people visiting for some much-needed tourism money.

Reactions to the Bigfoot hunting season in Oklahoma have been mixed, to say the least. One local resident says, “First of all, this is, as they say, ‘plumb dumb’. Secondly, if such a creature does exist. They are obviously very intelligent, as they’ve been able to elude humans for centuries. And should not be subject to hunting.” This is a rather good point, as nobody has really ever published a clear picture of Bigfoot. Even with the invention of the smartphone, we still see blurry photos of the ape-like creature, which leads many to believe that it is all a hoax.

Honobia, Oklahoma has an annual Bigfoot festival each first weekend in October. Justin Humphrey has proposed that the hunting season go with the festival to get more people in the area. “Whether you’re a serious Bigfoot scholar or a seeker of folklore, you’ll find fellow explorers at the Kiamichi Christian Mission, located at Highway 144 and Indian Trail Highway in the deep woods of tiny Honobia,” says the event’s website. The event was canceled this past October, due to the public health crisis.

A TV series Finding Bigfoot was on the air for a whole 11 seasons. And it never found sasquatch, but they weren’t offering up $25,000 to do so. The bill is set to go up for vote this month, and if it passes, Bigfoot hunting will become legal. Men and women have thought that they have found evidence of Bigfoot in the past, mainly through giant footprints, but some believe they have found fur, though the FBI has concluded on more than one occasion that it was deer hair mixed with other animals. For now, people should just stay home and watch Harry and the Hendersons to learn why it wouldn’t be nice to hunt and capture Bigfoot. The Tahlequah Daily was one of the first outlets to report on the Oklahoma Bigfoot hunting.

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