Shark Island Trailer: An Exotic Paradise Into a Great White Feeding Frenzy

Victory of the People and Blue Falcon Productions have released a new trailer for Shark Island.

We have a new trailer for Shark Island. This comes from the folks at Victory of the People and Blue Falcon Productions. Yes, it is indeed a low-budget creature feature, though there appears to be far more going on here than just sharks in the water. There are models on an island, a $10 million necklace in play and predators of the human variety in the mix. As the movie’s official tagline teases, “The deadliest sharks aren’t even in the water.” So that seems to be backed up by what we’re seeing in the trailer.

The trailer kicks off with a shot of the island in question, and they are not being subtle. The name “Shark Island” is used right off the bat. The models who have been brought to the island make themselves at home, doing yoga on the beach. Even with the deadly predators seen swimming offshore, things seem peaceful enough at first. We come to learn that this island is, allegedly, where all sharks can trace their origins. Shortly after the photoshoot gets underway, all hell breaks loose. The necklace is lost. Shark attacks begin. Blood is spilled. Guns are fired. It is all-out chaos.

The movie is directed by Stephen “Scruffy” Edgewood, working from a story by Daniel Zirilli. The screenplay was written by Dustin Alexander III. Executive producers include Paul Collett and Russ Dewolf, with Dante Del Mare and Pranom Thumcha on board as producers. Co-producers are Lee Gibson and Andrew Reyes.

Shark Island Trailer

The main cast includes Paul Collett as Zack Maclean, Erin Alvey as Juliet Baker and Michael Paré as Charlie. Russell Geoffrey Banks as Brett, Zara Dragon as Sky, Wayne Han as Anton, Poi Haywood as Remmy, Alexandra Merle as Nadya, Jude S. Walko as Scruffy and Selina Weismann as Dinah round out the ensemble. The crew consists of Director of Photography Yan Frame and Production Designer Boontawee “Thor” Taweepasas. Lucia Wang edited the movie. So it features an original score by Jeff Faustman. Wijittra Jittrong handled casting.

Shark Island centers on a group of beautiful models who are invited to an exotic location for a photoshoot. Upon arrival, they model a rare $10 million dollar necklace for a wealthy investor. So unbeknownst to them, the island is completely surrounded by deadly sharks. But it may not be the sharks in the water they need to worry about.

This appears to cut from a cloth in the shark movie sub-genre more closely related to Sharknado, though not quite as off the wall. This is, despite the over-the-top premise, a bit more grounded in reality. Though not enough to put it anywhere near the likes of Jaws, or even Open Water. Yet, it lacks a sci-fi bend as seen in Deep Blue Sea. Where it ultimately ends up in the pantheon of all-time great (or not-so-great) shark movies remains to be seen. Shark Island does not yet have a release date set but it will be released, presumably soon, by Victory of the People. So be sure to check out the trailer for yourself. This news comes from

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