The Bank Job 2008 Review: This is a superb film filled with dramatic heist and suspense

The Bank Job is a superb film filled with dramatic heist and suspense based on a partial true account which is also related with the blackmailing  of Princess Margaret’s sexual orientation.

The accidental robbery was held by unknown robbers who plotted the infamous bank and stole millions and inside the bank; box deposits which contains each individual private life was found including the British Royal Family.

So The Bank Job (Vu Cuop The Ky) is one excellent British film to date on with having all the wrong people at a wrong time in a wrong place. And everything just seems so wrong.

Ex-convict Terry Leathers (Jason Statham) owns a depressing car sales garage and often harassed by two debt-collectors. His friend Kevin Swain’s (Stephen Campbell Moore) ex-girlfriend. Martine (Saffron Burrows) offers him a chance to earn more than he could ever make. A bank robbery in Baker Street, London.

Terry assembles hi team to execute the plan.  Consisted of Dave Schiling (Daniel Mays), part-time pornographic actor. A mechanic named Bambas (Alki David) and a conman named Guy “Major” Singer (James Faulkner). They lease a shop two lots away from the bank. And start digging a tunnel underneath the middle shop in order to reach the underground bank vault. Terry employs a “watchman” with a walkie-talkie to sit on the roof of the building opposite and keep a look out for trouble.

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