Gun n’ Rose 1992 Review: This is truly a bizarre little movie

Mr Lung, the boss of a criminal family, decides that his adopted son Alan should be his successor.

However, this decision doesn’t suit Mr Lung’s biological sons Simon and Bowie, so they intend to get rid of their adopted brother. Alan manages to escape death and flee; he is determined to start new peaceful life. But will he be able to escape his past?

This is truly a bizarre little movie. The first 30 minutes are completely bonkers in Gun n’ Rose (Tung Hoanh Tu Hai). Because the plot moves at an absolutely ridiculous rate, assuming the audience knows who these characters are and what the situation is. So it starts off with a ton of plot. Alot of random situations that feel like a ton of in-between moments of exposition missing in the middle.

This is a 1992 Hong Kong action film directed by Clarence Fok and starring Alan Tang, Andy Lau (Luu Duc Hoa), Leon Lai and Simon Yam.

The action scenes randomly filtered within, whilst are just copying the success of John Woo, are pretty fun. Especially due to the incredible amount of unnecessary flips. Once the plot shifts location after the first 30 minutes. It becomes a completely different affair, very slow, giving too much attention to characters we don’t know or care about, and removing all of the cool gunplay. Just another weird, forgotten entry of early 90’s Hong Kong cinema (phim hanh dong Hong Kong).

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