Guns of Dragon 1993 Review: It was without a doubt very cool

A HK cop (Mark Cheng) comes to New York City to try. And patch things up with his estranged wife (Yvonne Yung Hung).

Only to find that the criminal (Patrick Lung Kong). That made his life hell in Hong Kong has also come to the States.

Just one genuinely exciting Chinese character would help make Guns of Dragon (Ho Huyet Do Long) the cult classic it deserves to be. The hammy Italian-American FBI chief frankly isn’t enough to tip the scale in the movie’s favour in terms of performances. Closely followed only by a sexy lady printed on a shirt.

No clue what the final action setpiece was supposed to conclude in. But it involved boats, an amphibious plane and a massive fire ball. So I can only say that it was without a doubt very cool with this action film (phim hanh dong sieu kich tinh).

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