Eight Strikes of the Wildcat Review: It’s funny, different, and full of great kung fu

Gofer, Mo and Pengolin, collectively known as the Three Rats, are looking for a two part treasure map and will kill anyone who gets in their way. A young girl named Shao Wa seeks to avenge the murder of her father. In order to defeat the Rats, she must learn the eight strikes of the Wild Cat from an old Kung Fu Master. While trying to evade his amorous assistant, Lee Ta Fa.

Eight Strikes of the Wildcat (Thach Thuc Manh Long) is an odd little movie! I honestly think the makers of the film were just taking the piss out of themselves and the kung fu genre in general when they made this. From the crazy characters and their fighting styles, to the whacky comedic moments and random moments of mind control and techniques. You cannot watch this without laughing out loud a number of times.

That said – its a pretty damn good kung fu flick!

My version was released by the cheap ass Vengeance Video DVD label. But the film (phim vo thuat xua) is presented in wonderful letterbox widescreen although in VHS video quality. And is actually really well made…

The film is wonderfully filmed with great set pieces and some brilliantly choreographed fight scenes. I’m surprised 8 Strikes doesn’t come on peoples lists more often as an underrated gem. The English dub just adds another level of hilarity to it all. But generally speaking, this 40+ year old flick is quite an entertaining film overall.

A lengthy and impressive end battle ties things up neatly. And the film actually ends on a closing scene rather than giving us a screen shot of a final move or death.

Overall: It’s funny, different, and full of great kung fu. Eight Strikes of the Wildcat is worth the watch!

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