The Snake Strikes Back 1980 Review: A lot of fights for laughs

Lam cannot do right where his master or his main rival, Sui, are concerned. When the Master is killed, Lam must fight Sui and the Immortal Trio to protect the Book of Invincible Snake Fist.

A fool Sui wants to learn the art of the Absolutes Kung Fu and become master. A title with prizes including the secret book of the Invincible Snake Fist, and a secret weapon called a mega belly (I kid you not). Sui keeps on having to fight the same people over and over again to gain control of the book.

With The Snake Strikes Back (Xa Quyen Sat Thu), Godfrey Ho working with one film is just as bizarre and mesmerizing as him splicing three films together. Kung-fu belly 4-ever.

There’s something here about an Invincible Snake Fist style of kung fu that’s in great demand in this martial art film (phim Hong Kong Vo Thuat Xua). A gang called the Immortal Trio beat up the master who has it. And wreak havoc on a local village so Elton Chong, who plays the hero, must reclaim Snake Fist style and… You know the drill. But there’s a ton of side characters. a couple of dire comic relief scenes and odd interludes that reaffirm the belief that at least 10 minutes of vital storyline is missing from the IFD cut of Snake Strikes Back.

Who knows? So I can’t say I’m going to rush out and track down the original Korean version. Beyond the reasonable quality fights. The only thing worth seeing here is the pot-bellied beggar character (Wong Lung). Who uses his “iron belly” and some entertaining BOING! sound FX as a weapon.

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